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Message from a Blue Jay

Faye Rapoport DesPres

Love, Loss, and One Writer's Journey Home



Books By Mariam Kobras

The highly anticipated prequel to Mariam Kobras's award-winning Stone Trilogy: Waiting for a Song, Naomi's Story

The Distant Shore

Song of the Storm, the emotional conclusion to the bestselling Stone Trilogy.

WINNER 2014 Silver Independent Publisher's Book Award!

Under the Same Sun Winner of the 2013 Silver Independent Publisher's Book Award!

Final Prequel

The Rosewood Guitar, Jon's Story

Meet Mariam Kobras, author of the award-winning Stone Trilogy

Sweet William

Sam Hilliard

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Next on our publishing schedule:

June 2016: Rambler, a Lesile & Belinda Cozy, by Linda S. Browning

August 2016: Big Red: How a Suitcase Taught me Simplicity, by Ellie Dias

The 4th book in our Mystery Times short story series released in December 2015 in print and kindle editions.

Mystery Times 2015


October 20th, 2015

Shanghaied, the second book in Linda S. Browning's Leslie and Belinda cozy mystery series has released.


Watch out, that pair of sassy, senior sleuths, Leslie and Belinda, are on the trail again. This time their search for a missing call girl and a disappearing deer named Jane Doe, lands them smack in the middle of quite a condiment of a mystery.

Heads up, you won't want to miss the catsup fight!

NEW Fall 2015

IN THE CONTEXT OF LOVE, by Linda K. Sienkiewicz, released in paperback and kindle editions on September 8th.




Congrats, Linda S. Browning


A Leslie & Belinda Mystery

On Sale for just $.99

Move over, Miss Marple; step aside, Jessica Fletcher—there’s a new gal on the case, well, two gals, that is. This pair of sassy, senior sleuths, Leslie and Belinda, are on the hunt for a missing girl; and it leads them on a crazy chase through a dark graveyard with Leslie’s eight-pound-dog, Riff-Raff, right in the middle of all the action. Buckle up and keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times; it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

When the granddaughter of a deceased church member goes missing, the two best friends are determined to solve the mystery and rescue the young woman. It seems no one, including the girl’s father, is all that concerned by her vanishing act, but this pair just know something’s amiss. Throw in one wandering bear, a flirtatious undertaker, a dustup with a TBI agent, an overweight corpse, and a trip to the Dollar Store for stakeout supplies and you have all the ingredients for one wild adventure. Sticky situations and comedic antics abound when these meddling senior citizens let their curiosity get the better of them.

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