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Born near the center of the United States, Sam Hilliard arrived during a very scary period of the 1970s. According to many noted historians, that included nearly every moment between 1970 and 1979. After being baptized five times, he spent his childhood changing residences every two years–or less–until high school. The moves were so frequent some speculated that his parents were in the witness protection program. During college he worked at a convenience store and once sold Kevin Smith cigarettes. He knew then exactly what kind of writer he wanted to be: The sort who never admitted he lived in New Jersey. Thanks to the Jersey Shore, he has another reason.

Currently he lives with his girlfriend and an army of four cats–one under the legal limit. By day he’s the Director of Technology at an all girls’ boarding school, where he witnesses world class drama first hand. It’s also the reason he studies Krav Maga and Tai Chi. A sequel to The Last Track is in the works.

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Virtual Book Tour!

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Dina Fleet Berry Interviews Sam

Interview with The Cajun Book Lady

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